BioEndoPhyte is now registered in the Dutch input list for organic farming. 

Are you looking for an environmental friendly and sustainable solution on seed treatment?

Look no further, you have found BIOENDOPHYTE!


Most fungi on the market have large particles and can only protect the seeds from the outside by colonization.

BIOENDOPHYTE protects the seed from the outside by colonization  and due to its very small particles (5 micron) it can easily enter the seed, where it multiplies and protects the seeds from inside out.

BIOENDOPHYTE is employed as a bio stimulant to enhance protection, germination, seed vigour, seed health and production.

When treated seeds are planted, BIOENDOPHYTE continues to grow and colonize the seed and plant tissue multiplies million fold compared to earlier numbers applied. 

As a pioneer colonizer BIOENDOPHYTE can block other pathogens from taking advantage of the seed coat as a food source.


Seed (production/storage): Before seeding: 1 Kg BioEndoPhyte (tech grade) per 20,000 Kg of seeds (soy beans, peas and beans)

2-3Kg BioEndoPhyte per 20,000 Kg Brassica sized seeds 

Seed (flowering stage): BioEndophyte to protect the seed setting

Seed coatings with BIOENDOPHYTE last for 6-8 months on the seed but inside the seed BIOENDOPHYTE can last for years.

We highly recommended the use of BioEndoPhyte combined with our Bio Green Tabs (10 tablets per hectare).

Do not mix BIOENDOPHYTE with any Pesticides, Chlorine, Chloramines and Bromine.