UV blankets

UV-Blanket offers a safe and effective solution for the removal of microorganisms in the air of food processing companies, storage rooms and stables.


Pathogenic microorganisms in the air are a major threat to manufacturing hygiene processing areas and storage areas. They penetrate the spaces within and grope through open windows and doors standing and can cause infection.

Conventional treatment techniques focus on the disinfection of surfaces and equip- ment. These techniques have little or no effect on the spores in the air, a main source of infection. De UV-blanket improves the air quality and helps reduce the spores.


The working principle of the UV blanket is UV ionization technique. UV ionization is used successfully worldwide to kill microorganisms in air, water and on surfaces. The energy of a UV ionization lamp does not affect the DNA structure of microorganisms in such a way that direct elimination occurs. Also, multiplication is after treatment with UV-ionization is no longer possible


The UV-blanket is an effective addition to already existing schemes is, because it cleans the air of pathogenic microorganisms. Thus, the system helps to ensure that there takes place transfer of pathogenic microorganisms in the air.

Elimination curve UV-Blanket


The UV blanket hangs at the top of the room, just below the roof. At this point, optimum use is made of the natural air currents, and there is no di- rect contact between the UV-ionization energy and the products/animals. One UV-blanket is needed per 1600 m2 for the highest efficacy (40 x 40 meters). In an optimal setting, when the systems runs continuously, for the most effec- tive elimination of microorganisms.


The UV-blanket is tested extensively in diverse circumstances. It is found that in almost all the cases high effectiveness is possible. Important for this is that the following installing and measurement protocol is followed:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Measuring of the ‘before’ situation
  • Calculation of UV-capacity
  • Installation of UV blankets
  • Measurement of effectiveness
  • Reporting:
    1. Points for increasing effectiveness
    2. If necessary adaptation of placing UV blanket


Practical Example

Samples are taken at five points in this example. The blue columns are the results when the system is off. The red columns are the results when the system is on. It is clear that is achieved a very high reduction of microorganisms on four measuring points. At location E no effect is observed. At this point, adjustment of the positioning of the UV-blanket is needed.