Green Search Inc. offers various water treatment products.

All products contain natural, safe organisms. The various applications are:

  • Household use (Septic, water lines)
  • Industrial Use Reduced BOD & COD
  • Irrigation pipelines agriculture
  • Waste water (Horticulture)
  • Hydroponics (Horticulture)
  • River channels & ponds (against algae growth)
  • Shrimp and fish farms
  • Shipping sanitary
  • Water purification plants.
  • Food industry
  • Breaks down Pesticides & Chemicals.
  • We would like to advise you to contact us first for the right advice. Each problem requires a different dose or product.

Our exclusive line of highly concentrated tablets are easy to handle and environmental friendly.

Green Search acknowledges that the efficiency and effectiveness of wastewater treatment facilities could be improved by increasing the number of bacteria that contributes to the water treatment process.