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Dynamyco is a granular mycorrhizal inoculant that effectively inoculates plants with vigorous endomycorrhizal fungi. 

Mycorrhizal inoculation by application of Dyanmyco improves plant nutrient uptake. 

Dynamyco mycorrhizal inoculants are ideal for mixing in growing media in the nursery. This product’s coarse granular formulation enhances the inoculant’s robustness, vigour and efficacy within growing media. 

Guaranteed Analysis

Soil Amending ingredient (Glomus intaradices)   9% (2,500 propagules/g)                                  

Inert ingredient (Vermiculite)  91%

Production Application

(including Cannabis)

Dynamyco may be mixed with most types of growing media. We recommend applying 0.2-0.4 gr. (0.007-0.014 oz.) of Dynamyco per seedling for most small seedling plugs, however application rates may vary per crop and per container size. Please contact us to verify specific application rates.